How are you spending your Sunday? (12/27/09)

(Atheists have Sundays too, we just tend to sleep in. Before I took a hiatus, I made a point to make a post almost every Sunday about how I plan to spend – or just spent – my day.)

It’s the first Sunday after Christmas, so I’ll probably spend some time cleaning up around the house a bit, and playing some of our new videogames with our youngest daughter (I’m really looking forward to trying out Beatles Rock Band!)

Our oldest is visiting with a friend and her family. They are believers, so she’ll probably attend church with them this morning (they may even be there as I type this), and come home afterwards to tell me what happened there.

Yes, you heard correctly – I allow my daughters’ friends to take them to the church of their choice on Sundays (or Saturdays, if that’s when they recognize the sabbath). I think it’s a good experience for them to see what goes on in a church firsthand, and we always have a good discussion about their experience afterwards (even if their experience wasn’t so good).

Usually, their reaction to it is relief that we don’t make them get early and sit through it every Sunday, but our oldest has been pondering the church experience a lot lately. She is particularly concerned about the way that very young children are indoctrinated and told what to think.

And that’s when I was certain that letting them go to church was a good idea.


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