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Gone again…

Yes, I’ve drifted off again – I’ve had some creative projects that have been keeping me busy. But I have a bit of free time approaching, so I’ll be back soon. If you’ve been checking back, thanks for your patience – and if you’ve just found this blog through StumbleUpon or another source, be sure to check out the archive of my posts.

And if you have any questions for a real, honest-to-goodness atheist, feel free to leave them in comments!


I am an atheist, a person who does not believe in the existence of any gods.

Many people don't know a lot about atheists, and have questions about them. In this blog, I do my best to answer them, to help build an understanding between atheists and theists.

Do you have a question? You can post it in the comments to any of my blog entries, and I will do my best to answer it in a new entry.