What is your opinion of “Burn the Koran” day?

For those who are not aware, Terry Jones, a Florida pastor and author of the book “Islam is of the Devil,” has declared September 11th to be International Burn a Koran day, and claims to have been inspired by another recently created “awareness holiday,” Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. (WARNING: Linked page contains images of the prophet Mohammed!)

Someone asked for my take on this recently, and I thought it would be an appropriate topic of discussion for this blog.

First, I’m always skeptical of any kind of bold public statement made by someone who has a book out. It almost always seems like shameless self-promotion to me. I don’t want to leave out the possibility that this is all just an effort to move a product, and nothing more.

That said, there are two different issues that I feel need to be discussed here – burning the Koran (or any book) and drawing Mohammed (or anything else).

First, burning books: I’m against it. I don’t care if it’s the Koran, the Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon, Going Rogue, or The Origin of Species; burning books is one of the greatest acts of fearful ignorance that I can imagine. It is a throwback from a more primitive time, when anything that made the villagers nervous had to be destroyed with fire – and that occasionally included other villagers.

We are smarter than that now. We really shouldn’t be burning books anymore, and those who still have those urges should be embarrassed over them, not displaying them proudly. It makes us look stupid when we do it, and I really wish people wouldn’t participate in it.

But, it is free speech. And because it is, I support anyone’s right to do it.

Now for the second bit – the one about drawing Mohammed, and how such activity could inspire something like Burn a Koran Day. Since I am an artist, you can probably guess where I’m going to go with this one.

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day was inspired by the reaction to depictions of Mohammed on an episode of South Park and in political comics in newspapers and magazines. Devout Muslims have issued death threats against artists for drawing their prophet – an act forbidden by certain Islamic texts (but not the Koran).

As I have said in previous posts here, I support anyone’s freedom to believe as they wish, and follow any rules that those beliefs may include, as long as those rules do not involve harming others.

But you don’t get to try to force me to follow those rules, too. I can make all of the graven images I like (and I do, daily) because your religious rules do not apply to me.

It is an act of independence, not of ignorance.  An act of creation, not destruction. That’s the difference.

So, to recap: Burning books is stupid and shameful, but in the end, I support it as free speech. Drawing Mohammed is an act of independence from rules that should not be enforced against nonbelievers, and is nothing at all like burning books.

(Now that I’ve written all of this out, I have been thinking that this September 11th, the greatest act of independence from both Dove Ministries and Islamic fundamentalism that I could do would be to read some of the Koran along with some skeptical analysis of it, at the Skeptic’s Annotated Quran.)


2 Responses to “What is your opinion of “Burn the Koran” day?”

  1. September 2, 2010 at 3:27 am

    Well said. Burning the Koran, or any book, is a great way to make me think someone is a bad person. To try to suppress any knowledge, even if it is just (to me) knowledge of the ways some people are crazy, is just wrong.

    Thank you also for joining Atheists are People, Too. I am going to check our some of your other entries now.

  2. 2 anti_supernaturalist
    September 6, 2010 at 3:13 am

    …back in ’06 when fundies and right-wing thugs wanted a Constitutional amendment against US flag burning . . . I wrote to the local paper an open invitation for the Senate to come over for some hot dogs cooked over hot coals from burning Bibles. Looks like it’s time to re-issue my invitation to the theocratic wannabes . . .

    This Summer, let’s desecrate some yummy symbols. Not the flag. I’m planning a Bible BBQ.

    Let’s enjoy frank and free barbecuing of succulent new testaments. The tastiest are surely pigskin bound, onion paper stuffed, cherry letter laden, King James versions.

    How much self-righteous grandstanding would a public Bible BBQ excite? How many death threats would it engender?

    Does the 1st Amendment guarantee a right to Bible BBQs under the religion clause? Under the free-speech clause? Well there should be a Constitutional amendment against Bible burning. “. . . But spare your country’s flag.”

    America’s flag is not a sacred symbol. And “the republic for which it stands” is not a sacred nation, “under (a non-existing) god”. America is a secular state.

    Freedom of speech & freedom from religion come from no divine source. In the Constitution, where the word “God” does not even appear, it’s “we the people” who grant these freedoms to each other.

    Let us all enjoy being free to wallow in bad taste.

    Come on over — I’ll put some Bibles on the barbie. . .

    the anti_supernaturalist

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