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Interruption of service

It may be a few more days before I post something substantial to this blog. I’ve been very busy this week preparing for a children’s play that will be opening this weekend, and taking my two daughters to another play that they are rehearsing for.  So I may not have a new post up until after the weekend.  I apologize for the temporary loss of service. If you’re itching for a fix of atheist blogging, may I recommend one of the many blogs, podcasts, and videos that I’ve collected in the right column?

In the meantime, I’m sure all of you have heard of the terrible tragedy in Haiti. The news has touched us all, and only the hardest of hearts have not been saddened by it. I encourage everyone reading this blog to do what you can to help the people of Haiti. Google has an excellent Haiti relief page that collects some of the best charities that are helping in that area. Please choose carefully when sending donations – there are many unscrupulous folks who use these types of tragedies as opportunities for profit.

If you’re not able to help financially, or you would like to do more, consider helping in your local area. Many of us have Haitian communities and churches near us – go to them and see if they are in need of any assistance. In some cases, its simply a case of being there for someone that makes a world of difference.

Be good, be safe, tell your families you love them, and I’ll be back with more questions and answers soon.


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