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Does your family know that you are an atheist?

Some of them do, and the rest probably have their suspicions. The subject doesn’t come up that often between myself and two of my siblings, but the other one – my oldest sister – knows about my atheism for certain, and we frequently talk about it. For the record, almost all of my relatives are Christians of one sort or another.

I have mentioned this in an earlier post, but it applies here as well, so I’ll repeat it – When my mother was alive, I was much more secretive about my atheism. She was a devoted Catholic, and was very concerned about the fate of both our souls if I did not follow the Catholic way. In the interest of making the latter years of her life as calm and peaceful as possible, I never told her about my lack of faith, and I was as evasive and deceptive as I could be when the issue came up.

Yep, I lied to my dying mother to make her final days more comfortable. Just another example of vile atheistic depravity.

I recognize how fortunate I am in that I have no worries about my lack of belief becoming a problem for my relationship with my family. The same cannot be said for many people who are atheists, unfortunately. Many atheist teens have been kicked out of their homes by believing parents, and in extreme cases, people have been disowned by their families because they don’t share their belief.

While this is certainly not the case for every believing family with nonbelieving members, it is a sad reality for many.


If you don’t believe in God, does that mean that your life has no meaning?

No, in fact it’s quite the reverse – to me, life is incredibly precious, because it is the only life we get.

In fact, I see the other side of the argument as reversed, too – a belief in an afterlife sometimes puts less value on this life. I see this whenever someone talks about how they will be reunited with their loved ones after death, or when they speak of someone who has passed away and say “He is in a better place now.”

For me, these things don’t work. For all that I know, I won’t see my parents, relatives, or friends who have died, ever again. This makes my time with them infinitely precious.

Then there are those who firmly believe that the good things we do in this life are absolutely worthless, and that faith in their god is the only thing that counts. To me, this is one of the biggest examples of someone giving zero value to life that I can imagine. (In fact, it creates a huge contradiction when someone who believes this also claims that atheists have no reason to be moral, but that’s another topic…)

I am an atheist, a person who does not believe in the existence of any gods.

Many people don't know a lot about atheists, and have questions about them. In this blog, I do my best to answer them, to help build an understanding between atheists and theists.

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