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What religion is the most dangerous in your eyes, today and in the past?

(This is the 8th question in Brett Keane’s Atheist Challenge)

What religion is the most dangerous in your eyes, today and in the past?

Islam, easily, through sheer power of  numbers and fanatic devotion. It’s difficult to choose any other, in light of recent historical events, such as the September 11th attacks, the actions of the Taliban, the Danish cartoon riots (and the more recent attack on the cartoonist), and much, much more.

That wasn’t always the case, however. Historically, Islam brought us much in the way of knowledge and exploration, before it retreated into fear and superstition. In the past, it was Christianity that brought us the crusades. the inquisition, the witch trials, and much, much more.

Both religions have brought us so much knowledge, discovery, and beauty, but at a great, great cost – and there seems to be a cycle that eventually turns them to ignorance and fear of the things they used to promote.


What do you say when an atheist sneezes? (Revisited)

Martijn from the Netherlands posted another alternative to “Bless you” in the comments:

About what to say when an atheist sneezes: you might want to borrow a word out of Dutch or German. When anyone sneezes back here the other one says: Gezondheid (or in German: Gesundheit), which literally means ‘health’.

I didn’t know the actual meaning of “gesundheit” until now. I like it a lot – it’s an act of goodwill without deference to any deity or superstition. Thanks, Martijn!

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